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About Us

About Us

Edventure is an institution committed to success of students. We support and nurture students, guide them thus ensuring their dreams get strong wings to fly.

At Edventure, we believe in harnessing the individual strength of every student. Our motive is that each student recognizes and develops their strengths, build upon it and achieve the desired success.

It is founded by an academician and a visionary Apurva Ved, a graduated from IIT Bombay who has more than 8 years of academic experience.

Our Mission

Every student being different, we aim to treat them individually with our expertise to strengthen individuals & lead them to achieve their desired goals.

Why Edventure

Get Trained by IITians
Personalised Attention, With Smaller Batch Size

In a batch size of 40-60 do you really get the attention you require? Edventure ensures personalised attention by maintaining maximum batch strength of 12.

Every Child Is Unique And Important

Irrespective of your exam score and capabilities, at Edventure every student gets the same quality education.

Regular Updates For Parents

Our Teacher-Parent interaction policy and daily tests ensures that parents stay updated with the status of homework or revision and performance of the child.

Focus On Clarity, Not Doubts

Classroom and faculties (same for doubt clearing and teaching) are available whole day; as per request.