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Foundation Builder

Foundation Builder


This course is specially designed for ambitious students who want to go the extra mile. It prepares students for various competitive exams like NTSE, Olympiads, Homi Bhabha etc. along with the school portions. We have designed the program to nurture inquisitiveness and curiosity at an early age.

The course structure consists of Monthly test (after completion of each Chapter/topic), part test (After completion of cluster of topic/chapter) and full test (conducted when course is finished). Also, our syllabus includes providing multimedia lectures and conduct workshops on going.

Target Exam

NTSE, Olympiads, Homi Bhabha, IMO, NSO, MTSE, RMO, NSEJS, IPM, MTSE, NSTSE etc.

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Study Material

Practice Sheet

In every lecture we provide a practice sheet (with 20 / 30 questions) based on the subtopics covered in the lecture as home work. This sheet is discussed in the next lecture to solve all the doubts of the student


We design our own booklets consisting of theory, solved examples and unsolved examples. We also include examples of previous JEE / NEET exams. This booklet if designed to boost the confidence of the student for the entrance exams.

Question Bank

A question bank consisting of 100-150 problems is given as a revision package to the students

Tests And Assessments

Daily Class Test

A 15 min daily practice test is conducted at the beginning of every lecture to revise the previous lecture and solve the doubts, if any. A weekly progress report is then sent to every parent highlighting the performance of the student.

Monthly Test

A monthly test is conducted to revise the topics covered in the entire month.

Full Test

A quarterly full test is conducted for all the students covering the entire syllabus.

Board Level Test

We conduct Test Series especially for Boards for better performance in 12th Board.s

Online Test

Online test portal ensures that students do not fall short of tests and they can attempt it when they wish to test their performance or practice problem solving.